Michael McLainABOUT

Few things excite me more than beautiful light.

All kinds and levels of light… and what it falls upon doesn´t really matter as seen in the diverse images shown on my site.

Maybe that´s why I became a professional photographer more than three decades ago. A career with light.; sometimes reproducing it in the studio and allowing it to give form and meaning to objects, people and situations and sometimes just recording at the moment it occurs… naturally.

No matter what, light and shadow are the way I experience life.

They are the primary tools of photography. My muse and nemesis, light and shadow are integral to my creative process. A process that has enabled me to work with still life images , portraits, and conceptual photography for a wide range of clients.

Perhaps it was Nordic light that seduced me to move to Sweden from the States where I grew up and was educated… and perhaps not. But I am now based in Stockholm and am always interested in new projects with light and shadow.

So feel free to email or call me…we can talk about it either in English or Swedish. No time like the present.
Phone number: +46 704 98 14 04